Over the Interstate to Grandchildren’s House We Went

December 5, 2008

We had a great time at the Four Jams this week.  The little ones are growing so fast and are soooo sweet.  With books, Candyland, coloring books, and other assorted activities,  it was such fun, especially the Thanksgiving program at the day school which showed off the GC(Grandchild) talent, along with her classmates.  The kids did an outstanding job making the costumes display the theme and capture the spirit of the day.   

The adult Two Jams did a marvelous job of entertaining 16 people with a great turkey and ham dinner.  Second year in a row J’s family came and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the holiday  format;  Grandchildren, meal, football and generally enjoyment of getting together.

Trip home Friday was mostly uneventful.  Saw numerous highway patrolmen, mostly with someone stopped.  Fortunately, not us.  Obviously, making a statement about holiday travel being safer by obeying the speed limit.  Next up is the annual Wild Dunes Gala for the property owners Sat night.  Always a great evening of dinner, music, and dancing.


December 5, 2008

Had a great time with the Tulsa crew the week before Thanksgiving, highlighted by strikes and spares at the local bowling alley, and finding muscles that might have been lost for a while.  Prior to the alley, we all shared a hot dog at Jack’s Cosmic Dogs, a landmark for the locals, and visited by former President Clinton during this year’s campaign.  

Spent some good time at Barnes and Noble looking at books, playing with the train in the kiddie area and sipping Starbucks.  But the very best part was the time spent with everyone just sharing some fun and laughs.  Couldn’t do the beach because of cold and wind.

Lennon continues to be the perfect big brother watching after Gabrielle seeing that she is happy and safe.  Thompson is just plain cute and Gabrielle is a sweet sister to him, and can she sing “Happy Birthday,” much to the pleasure of JJ.

Weekend Trip

November 12, 2008

Had a great time in Savannah with TJ and JJ.  Met at the hotel and walked a few blocks to The Olde Pink House (highly recommend) for lunch and then did a trolley tour of the city.  Great information about the historic homes and beautiful scenery made for a really nice experience.  Dinner at Garibaldi’s (also highly recommend) to finish off the day.  Sunday morning breakfast and then on home.  Wonderful day with two wonderful people. 

By the end of the month we will have had a great few weeks, because we will have covered the entire family. The Tulsa group arrives on Saturday, and will be with us for a week, except for a work trip and excursion to Charlotte for couple of days.  Then we have Richmond for Thanksgiving and that completes the visits with all.  Great times in our life.

Glad elections are over and we can look to the promised changes as a good thing for our country.  No misleading ads, no more media saturation, and the Congress can get on with the rescue package(s) to help our needy indigents (oops industries).  Obama has a major overhauling project in front of him.

Presidential Voting Day

November 4, 2008

Thanks for all your comments and corrections. I will not be discouraged over a simple misspelling because I am happy to take the plunge with you all.

Hope you all exercised your right to vote and went for the tax cut you may be entitled to next year, or when congress decides to do something proactive. We spent about 50 minutes in line, so it wasn’t too bad here. Since we are a small area, saw plenty of people we know which made the time seemingly go faster. We have been political junkies for a great deal of the campaign, but will sure be happy to see it all end and bring some direction for the country. It has been way too long (in my opinion) to have so many of our so-called leaders making promises and doing little or no work on the very issues they have debated and made speeches about. If all these ideas are good for the country, why haven’t they been proposed and pushed previously by these same people. (One man’s opinion).

Golf scores today: TJ 80 (Better than usual)
FJ 98 (Not as good as usual)
Weather conditions cloudy and misty 65 deg.

More family sharing

November 3, 2008

Okay, we have decided to join the blogisphere and get linked up to provide information about our activities and invite comment.  Who knows, we might even add something cerebral for discussion.  There will probably be no pictures since there is not much to share in that regard.  But we have decided to join in the fun with happenings from the “senior” set.  So, here goes:

Remembered to change the clock and and got to church on time.  Afterward, it was a golf day in the beautiful weather.  The rest of the day spent recuperating from the past week of being with my mother while my brother was in Florida getting some time on his own. 

Also, played with my latest toy, the Kindle (assume you all know this is the electronic device that downloads books from Amazon.)  Early birthday present since have talked about it for a while.  Oprah featured it as one of her favorite items, and then gave one to everyone in the audience.   Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO, was on to discuss it and offered a $50 discount for the next few days if you had the code he gave.  I am finding it quite interesting for all the features it has.  We had just ordered 3 books prior to seeing this, so I won’t be downloading anything immediately, but it is quite fascinating.

More another day.  Working on learning more about WordPress.